What Readers Are Saying

Faith & Family appeals to the whole family but especially to the heart of the home, the mother.



Faith & Family moms find that the magazine respects them.

"I appreciate the fact that it treats two-parent families with stay at home moms with dignity it is so encouraging to read, and not get bombarded."

A mom in Kankakee, Illinois



They use Faith & Family to strengthen their families

"I find it inspiring and comforting to know that other families are struggling with the same problems while trying to raise a Catholic family."

A Hillsboro, New Hampshire, mom.


and helps them keep their children Catholic.

"You produce a wonderful publication that helps my husband and I expand our faith and pass it on to our children."

A mom in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.



Our moms use Faith & Family as an apostolic tool

"I always share it with my friends and buy it as gifts for friends and family."

A San Antonio, Texas, Mom.



or simply sit back and enjoy it!

"I cannot get enough of it."

A mom in Verdale, Washington