Homework Submissions to Faith & Family

Faith & Family magazine has so many readers doing wonderful things at home, we figure: Why not ask the experts for ideas? Throughout the magazine "Homework" requests ask readers to share their ideas. Here are some typical places we look for Homework.

The Home Front

Say What? — The Faith & Culture page of The Home Front has a new featurette asking for readers to share their ideas of what to say in tough situations.


The Season

We need plenty of suggestions on how families can enter into the liturgical rhythms of the Church, with its feast days and saints’ days. We wouldn’t mind tips on how to better live secular holidays, too!


Spiritual Directions

Send questions about the spiritual life that you’d like answered.


Party Planners

We’re asking for tips on planning great theme parties for kids — or adults.



If you know a worthwhile movie, Web site, CD or book, let us know.


The Playroom

Here we feature artwork by the children of readers.

The Family Page features children’s drawings of daily family life for.

The Faith Page features drawings of the major liturgical celebrations and saints’ days of the season.




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Paid Features

Faith and Family rarely accepts unsolicited manuscripts. We may consider such submissions, but we cannot take responsibility for the return of any unsolicited material. We prefer proposals to unsolicited manuscripts.


The proposal should give a good idea of the angle and content of the prospective article or column and, where applicable, prospective sources should be identified.

The proposal should target a specific section of Faith and Family and reflect good familiarity with both that section and the publication in general.


If you haven’t written for Faith and Family previously, your proposal should include your relevant qualifications and you should send samples of your published writings.


Please query us by e-mail, not by phone. Queries and other pre-assignment communications may be e-mailed to our editorial assistant, Robyn Lee, at [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Faith and Family!